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Fights at Stop the War Coalition’s protest against impending war on Iran

By • Jan 30th, 2012 • Category: Headline

Hands Off the People of Iran
Hopi, PO Box 54631, London N16 8YE,

Fights at Stop the War Coalition’s protest against impending war on Iran

On Saturday January 28 2012, Hopi supporters attended a rally called by the Stop the War Coalition to protest against impending war on Iran. Unfortunately, due to the unprincipled politics of the StwC more general and the rally in particular, this soon descended into chaos. You can read the full report and watch a short film here:
On January 28 around 300 protesters gathered at the American embassy to oppose the increasingly bellicose rhetoric against Iran and Syria. Called by the Stop the War Coalition under the title of ‘Stop the war before it starts: don’t attack Iran/Syria’, the protest was in many respects something that seasoned activists in the anti-war movement would be all too familiar with. Well-meaning, if often slightly tedious and repetitive speeches, a few chants and the promise to build an enormous opposition that could finally scupper the imperialists’ plans once and for all. However, it soon became apparent that this was not going to be simply ‘business as usual’. In a somewhat embarrassing indictment to the approach of ‘as broad as possible’ typified by the coalition, several speakers were booed or chanted down, and fights broke out between protesters. At one point a group of Iranians from the London Green movement lined up against supporters of the Syrian Baathist regime under the sway of Bashar Al-Assad. It was not pretty. […]

Make your voice heard: No war on Iran! For regime change from below!
Our campaign is gathering momentum. Tony Benn, John McDonnell MP and Moshe Machover are only some of the many people supporting the campaign. There are video and picture messages up on our website:
Can you get involved too? Send us a picture, a video, an email or voice messages and tell the world why you oppose the war threats on Iran! Email us on
In solidarity,
Tina Becker
for Hands Off the People of Iran

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