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A message from Occupy Stockholm

By • Jan 19th, 2012 • Category: News & Analysis

Mubarak’s departure from Egypt did not result in freedom of expression and democracy for the Egyptian people

As we speak, the people of Egypt are taking to the streets again to demand true democracy, peace, freedom and an end to the oppression of the illegitimate military regime

In recent weeks, we have once again witnessed scenes of disturbingly brutal violence against Egyptian freedom activists

We, the Occupy movement of Stockholm, Sweden, Europe, have been inspired by the Egyptian Revolution

We observed, a year ago, the 25th January revolutionaries on Tahir Square

We used our every network to spread their words, their hope, and also their cry for help around the world

We shared their dreams and their tears

They blew a wind of freedom, democracy and dignity which filled our sails

They revived in our hearts the flame of hope for a better world

Now, their message is our message!

From Paris to Berlin, from Barcelona to Amsterdam we all stand together to demonstrate our solidarity and love for our Egyptian brothers and sisters

In many cities around the world the Occupy movement has decided to demonstrate in front of Egyptian embassies and consulates the 25th of January, requiring the Egyptian military authorities to immediately stop their shameful acts of brutality against peaceful protesters

Respect the human rights of the Egyptian people, stop killing their dreams, stop killing the future of your own children

Enough suffering, it’s now time to build peace, freedom, democracy and prosperity

The whole world is watching you!

Together, we are united for global change


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