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Military attacks the people of San Jose del Progreso

By • Sep 5th, 2010 • Category: News & Analysis

Source: OSAG
Noticias has an article today stating that military with no search warrants
broke into the homes of some of the people known to oppose the mine,
ostensibly looking for firearms. The Coordinadora de los Pueblos Unidos del
Valle de Octolan, opposed tothe mine La Trinidad which is the property of
the Canadian Mexican company Cuzcatlan, denounced that solders of the Sixth
Infantry Battalion of the 44th Military Zone broke into homes in El
Cuajilote ande Maguey Largo . When they w ere asked for a search warrant
said they had none but had received an anonymous phone call denouncing the
people for having weapons.
At the next assembly the people of San Jose del Progreso will decide what to
do to avoid the exploitation of the mine. Meanwhile they are presenting a
complaint for violation of human rights and a criminal denunciation for


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