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The Sixteenth Community Congress of the Federacion de Juntas Vecinales of El Alto opposes government of the MAS

By • Jul 15th, 2010 • Category: News & Analysis

Source| Bolivia:from “Sangre Rebelde” 7/12/10
Translated by Earl Gilman

The Sixteenth Community Congress of the Federacion de Juntas Vecinales of El Alto opposes government of the MAS

The neighborhood committees of El Alto, formerly a bastion of the MAS Party,are following a tendency to differeniate from from MAS government, with the knowledge that the MAS government has defrauded their illusions and betrayed the struggle to regain the hydrocarbon industry, that it is another goverrnment that is selling the nation, repudiate the government and proclaims its independence from that government.
The Congress of Neighborhood Committees with rank and file participation, in an atmosphere of discontent and rebellion against the government decided:

First: Expel from the Congress all the members of the Executive Committee of the FEJUVE for betraying the city of El Alto and being totally at the service of the government…

Second: Total union political independence, organizationally and administratively, in respect to the government who may be in power… The sub-mayors, vigilance committees, supervisors from different districts tried to impose candidates, commissions against the ranks, from ontop.

The rank and file rejected these agreements, showing their rebellion, by electing representatives from the ranks that are not committed to those from on top tried to manipulate the Congress.

The political debate was polarized between the indigenous position that proclaims the Indian Revolution and the trotskyist position that issued a document entitled: “Making the Revolution: With Weapons Expelling the Transnationals and Large Landowners”

At the conclusion it was decided that the principal objective was to fight for a genuine nationalization of hydrocarbons, expelling the transnationals, returning to the objectives of the struggle in October 2003.

The election was polarized betweeen the official MAS candidates and the anti-official resulting in the crushing of the MAS candidates.
The new Executive Committee will have to discharge duties which previously not carried out and deepen th political debate between the positions present at this event.


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