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Declaration of Communist Workers of Iran on the Recent Executions of Political Prisoners

By • May 12th, 2010 • Category: Headline, News & Analysis

We have received reports that Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heidarian, Shirin Elm Hola, Farhad Vakili and Mehdi Aslamyan were executed. Each of them for several times went under the worst tortures to confess to the crimes that they did not commit. Every so often, news of their heroic resistance to the pressures would leak outside of the medieval torture chambers that would set our heart on fire. Although, the risk of painful tortures, injustices and executions hovers over the head of every political activist and revolutionary, and being aware of this danger, we step in to the battlefield of class struggle, however, our humanity blocks all reasons and logic, and we cannot stop our tears of deep sorrow from losing a comrade and a friend. So tonight, with tearful eyes, and a deep pain in heart, we will mourn our departed comrade and friends. But tomorrow, we shall wipe the tears from our eyes and alongside the families of these brave class warriors and the militant students, we shall take to the streets to commemorate our comrades in arms, and show to the capitalist murderers that they did not die in vain, and the flare of class struggle is fueled with their blood.
The execution of these brave men and woman is another sign of the excessive acuteness of the class struggle in society. A struggle that for many years has been growing. And which, at the end of the spring and early summer (2009) it advanced to the revolutionary situation for a while in the capital city. The waves of the storm of these struggles continue with ebbs and flows. At each downturn, the people reviewed the shortcomings of the struggle, to the best of their common knowledge, only to step forward, and raise their objectives and methods in this revolutionary path. Only the capitalist ruling circles and their lackeys interpret these temporary ebbs to be permanent and final, and plunge in to the illusion of “stability” and “authority”. But even in their illusions they are fearful and scared. This is the only way that these ferocious actions could be interpreted. They see in their dreams that these murderous actions will horrify the militant people of Iran to retreat and hesitate in further confrontations. But, on the contrary, in such circumstances, the result of these actions is nothing but to convince more people that this government is incorrigible and make them more committed to its overthrown.
On the other hand, such desperate actions are yet another evidence of the fact of government’s inability to remedy the economic and social crises that have been causing the uptrend of the class struggle. The capitalist rulers, aware of this inability, have been watching the signs of the working class raise of consciousness and the resulted development and preparation of its forces to enter the field of political struggle. This was shown by the unity of the working class activists on this year’s celebration of May Day (2010) and the political demands they put forth, plus the support they showed for the democratic struggles of past year, as well as the demand to free all political prisoners. These signs have horrified the capitalist ruling circles more than ever. To a government that many of its top ranking armed forces officers have admitted to “reaching the brinks of disintegration” at the peaks of a non-organized populist movement, the thought of the working class movement joining the general democratic movement, is horrifying enough to reach the point of madness to commit such an insane acts.
The timing of the execution of Farzad Kamangar, a conscious working teacher, committed to his class mission, should not be seen as coincidence. This is a message of the capitalist ruling class to the worker activists. They show their bloody hands to warn the working class that they will go to any extent and commit any criminal and murderous act to stay in power. Their hopes of effectiveness of such means and measures, shows their class ignorance and inability to correctly analyze the current situation of the class struggle. They do not understand that the general trends of the class struggle is not determined by the activists’ state of mind, but by the common desperation of the working class and the necessity of structural change of world capitalism, if at all possible. This is the conditions that have brought the two main class forces of the society to a confrontational show down. It is the pressure of such material condition of the class struggle that imposes itself to the individual activists. For the sake of argument, let us say such cruelty is effective enough to intimidate some activists and campaigners. But very soon, the social pressure exerted on them will nullify its effects. This great pressure, not only reduces the effect of such intimidation on the present activists, but also, it will force more of the working class population and strata in to the battlefield.

Workers and toilers of Iran!

The execution of our comrade and friends indicates that the governing circles of the Islamic Republic are not hopeful of any peaceful resolution to these social and political crises, and there are no practical plans and policies of reforming the establishment and change in our living conditions. Now, the violence of capitalism has extended from exploitation of our labor to assaults on our life and that of our children’s. We must take lessons from the world working class experiences and utilize our common knowledge of struggle. This will show us that as long as we put our fate in the hands of capitalists and their representatives, we shall see nothing but poverty, hunger, enslavement, torture, death and executions. The only way to save ourselves and other toilers of the world is to take our fate in our own hands and advance to a united struggle for self-determination. And this requires the ability to organize. We should gather together in our workplace and areas of residence to discuss and study our situation and the ways to overcome them. We should elect our representatives to form the councils and have them to make connections with other workers and neighborhoods. This is the only way we can prepare the grounds for a general and nation-wide revolutionary struggle. It is only in such a direction that we can make our destiny with our own hands. This is the only way we can secure a better future for our children and a better world for all the working people of the world.

Bread, housing, freedom – Republic of Councils

Communist Workers of Iran (CWI)

Persian date: 19th of Ordibehesht 1389 – 9th of May 2010


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