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Joint Statement of several groups of Communist labor on May Day 2010

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Let us gather on this 1st of May (International Workers Day) to declare:

A Group of Workers’ Activist (JAFK)
Communist Workers of Iran (CWI)
Unified Workers’ Front
Founding Group of Construction Workers Union

WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. We deserve a different life. We deserve relationships free from cruelty, violence and discrimination. We deserve self-determination.

We are deprived human beings. people working from dawn to dusk but only to become poorer and more problems every day. We are the majority of society but the result of our labor and toil ends up in the pockets of the capitalist exploiters who own the State, the weapons, the courts and the prisons.

We are human beings only in name; in reality we are second class citizens. Valuable as we are because we produce value, but, in this cold and ruthless system and its reactionary ideology, we are assumed worthless. Our energy and labor power is valued the same as car fuel that should be used up every day. We are looked upon as sheep who need shepherds or as children who need guardians. The ruling class with their Guards, Baseej Militia, Sepah, the Security Services, and the superstitious religious clergy injecting venom of patriarchy and chauvinism, with their divisions and discrimination and national humiliation, and with the stick of national media, try to push us to confront each other and force us to submission.

We are toilers. Behind the furnaces of hot melting metal to the dusty carpet workshops, behind the presses and clinic corridors, rooms and warehouses of the market to sugar cane plantations, in the kitchen and kindergarten and from home to great halls and Auto making and heavy machineries and …..

We are Workers. Women and Men. We deserve to know the secrets of the universe. We deserve to be free from creationist mythology and the illusion of almighty power in the sky. We deserve to understand the world. We need to change ourselves and the conditions that are forced upon us. We deserve an awakening, we need to unite and revolt. We are worthy of self-determination by dismantling the ruling state of exploiting executioners. We should construct a new society and administer a new government. We must constitute modern and vanguard laws. We must begin a true, popular and radical revolution towards the elimination of all classes of society. We must consistently change social relations to sear the roots of class, gender, national, racial and religious oppression.

We stand tall against the capitalist exploitation order which has inherited the weight of thousands of years of class societies. To shatter the capitalist system and break away completely from this heavy inheritance depends on shattering the big and small chains that have enchained half of human society since the outset of class divisions, namely the Women. We measure our animosity with the class order by an ongoing and permanent struggle in the long road to achieve the world communism.

Generation after generation we have suffered and struggled. Sometimes we went forward and sometimes we were defeated. Sometimes we let our illusions take over and sometimes we ran after hollow words and promises. Time after time we experienced the inability of a capitalist order to reform to the benefit of the oppressed and have not. Thus we see that as long as the capitalist states are in control, the fate of the deprived and condemned class will remain as is.

As long as capitalism lingers on, human society will be burdened with the old and illogical exploitative relations. As long as capitalism lingers on, its old rusty beliefs and values continue to spread its root in the society and block the conscious unity and Freedom of humanity. As long as capitalism lingers on, the war and imperialist aggression machinery continues the censorship, torture, imprisonment and executions, and maintains the hell of poverty and misery of unemployment, inflation and suppression of all democratic rights.

For Over 31 years, we have been imprisoned by a religious theocratic despotism, the Islamic Republic! A capitalist regime that disguises itself behind the religious robes and military uniforms while, sucking up billions of petroleum and natural gas dollars and other national resources, wiggling like worms in the sludge of stock market and brokerages as the servants of international capital to fatten themselves and their international partners with fruits of our labor. They make their profits regardless of economic conditions. Whether it is booming or in depression, stable or in crises, high or low prices, they keep making money from our constant unemployment and job insecurity, physical and mental pressures and social misery of prostitution, drugs and suicide.

For the last 31 years, every time we united on our demands and dared to stand up and strike, they arrested and imprisoned our leaders and combatants, awarding them with conviction records and job dismissals.

They have deprived us of our right to organize independent assemblies, striped us from our rights of free expressions and strikes. Their Labor Laws are suited to their needs of exploitation, administered and executed by their lackeys. At any time it becomes cumbersome it is translated by their courts or “reformed” immediately by their parliament to serve their “Earthly” interests. While, they preach us of the “worthlessness of material world and praise the “After Life” and “God Almighty”!! Which, they “represent” on earth, to make us believe whatever is happening to us is some predestined fate that we should blindly accept and submit to. This power is watching over us, awarding our submission with a place in heaven, and punishes our sins with hell. Thus we should surrender and be obedient to the Islamic system and refrain from the idea of rebellion.

These are the brainwashing programs that are constantly propagated on the Medias and the pulpits in the mosques.

They have established patriarchal and chauvinist rules and value over the civil laws of the State. They cultivate the slavery of women. They have caused marital violence against women rise multifold. They announced to men of all classes and strata that they have legal and ethical superiority to women. And, it is only in the Islamic state that such privileges are allowed and guaranteed.

They deceive the people and remove the thought of revolution from their mind by carrying out farce and predetermined elections. Keeping them away from streets and direct them to voting boxes.

They keep immigrant workers and toilers from Afghanistan in absolute legal vacuum exploiting them brutally in cities and villages across the country. And through their devious propaganda and misinformation, create false divisions and animosities between working class and the peoples of Iran who are also enchained and share the same fate.

For a while, under the pretext of economic sanctions and war with Iraq, and later, the excuse of “economic adjustment” that was the “IMF” and “World Bank” policy for the global economies, pressed us under the punch of poverty and misery. Cutting the state subsidies is the latest form of continuation of their criminal actions that constantly dips us more under the poverty line. In the war against the monstrous inflation, our negligible wages keep losing its purchasing power and value. The slogan of “Double Effort and Double Work” is nothing more than a code for “Double Exploitation”.

The time has come for a new uprising. The Coup d’état rulers may scare off a few people by threats of murder and suppression, and cause a short period of disappointment and discouragement, resulting an ebb in street struggle, but, they cannot get over the huge contradictions rooted deeply in the society and the ruling order.
The “Green” representatives are nowadays hated and weakened. They may be able to prevent small group of people from carrying out aggressive actions, pursuing the illusion of “regime reforms and gradual changes from within” using “non-violent tactics “. But, they are unable to present the necessary fundamental social, economic, political and cultural changes. It is us who holds the key of ultimate solution. The people must hear this from us. Are we able and willing to offer the road map to the necessary changes? Can we unite and form the various organizations and fronts around some of the radical and key demands? Against the parties of the order that are representatives of the ruling regime and the reformist parties who want to mediate between the regime and the people? Do we want to unite and crystallize under the banner of social revolution, and gather around a revolutionary communist party? Now, that the society is engaged in political struggle and focusing on the political power, do we have the ability and the desire to carry the banner of a consistent, radical, and planned struggle on our shoulders? Do we want to and can we put the program of real change and a popular Constitution before the toilers and oppressed people of society and unite all those who are suffering from class, sexual, national and ethnic, and religious oppression which would materialize this program?

The destiny of our society is directly related to the answer we shall give to all these questions. These are major tasks that need bravery as well as a clear view and foresight to be fulfilled. These are major tasks that will never be accomplished if we put our faith on the infighting between the different wings of the Islamic Republic or put our hopes on the “Green “leaders or any other class force that does not want to step out of the capitalist system limits; These are interconnected revolutionary tasks which the short sighted reformists who with their small expectations and their bargaining for “more advantageous sale of labor in the capitalist market” will never be able to unlock.

We are workers. Women and men. With demands that are particular to the working class. Demands that reflect the differences and distinctions in genders, job categories and special trades of different sections of workers. With the righteous demands that each is, or should be the subject of struggle:

The right to form independent workers’ organizations and unions,

The right to strike,

Dissolution of anti-workers institutions and espionage and repressive forces within the workplace…..,

Wage raises and payment of unpaid wages,

Abolition of temporary contracts,

Abolition of child labor,

Prohibition of forced retirements, layoffs and unemployment,

Establishment of the right to a job fit for human with decent working conditions and decent pay,

Establishment of the right to health and medical insurance and proper unemployment and retirement payments,

Equal wages for equal jobs for men and women,

Cancellation of the removal of subsidies that results in more than doubling the poverty level for the majority of the masses,

some of our demands as workers are the same as the masses of people:

Freedom of speech, the right of expressions and gatherings, as well as the right to protest and demonstrate,

Abolition of censorship, and freedom of intellectual and scientific, cultural, and literary and artistic activities,

Release of all political and other prisoners that are imprisoned for their beliefs,

Separation of church and state,

Abolition of all patriarchal, male dominancy and anti-woman laws and regulations,

Prohibition of all National and religious discriminations in the field of cultural and economic and administrative and citizen rights,

Abolition of torture and executions,

We realize that the fundamental interests and demands of the working class and oppressed masses are only possible through the overthrown of the regime and the religious despotism. This overthrown makes the following demands that the Iranian people are eagerly looking forward to be realized:

Abolition of all suppressive military and security – intelligence institutions,

Trial and punishment of the perpetrators and those responsible for killings, violence and rape during the life of the Islamic Republic,

Trial and punishment of all of those who invaded and abused the rights of the people in any way and form and those involved in plundering the national resources and public properties,

We are part of an international class. Our class is the material and dynamic force inside the capitalist world that have the common goal of establishing a communist society, with the common mission of liberating the mankind from exploitation and tyranny, with a common program to form revolutionary governments and execution of a socialist revolution., Through the use of the scientific of Dialectical Materialist viewpoint, and common ideology that brings about the international solidarity and attains cohesion and communal identity.

Come with us on this May Day (the-International Workers Day) to declare:
We have a common destiny with the world’s workers and oppressed masses–the billions of women and men living in the world. We have a common mission. If we comprehend our class interests, if we learn the science of changing the society, if we build the necessary tools for executions of revolution and victory in making a new society, if we are consistent in the route of the revolution, we will be able to change the world and write the history in our own handwriting.

May 1, 2010

A Group of Workers’ Activist (JAFK)
Communist Workers of Iran (CWI)
Unified Workers’ Front
Founding Group of Construction Workers Union


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