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Analytical Report of the December 7th, 2009 Demonstration

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Source:Red Neda (CWI) Newsletter in Farsi

Translated by Behrooz Navayii

December 7th of 2009 was upheld under incredible level of regime suppression and, as expected, it became a shining page in the history of revolutionary struggle of the Iranian people.  Albeit a whole month of reactionary attempts to prevent its occurrence, the successful execution of this glorious protest was a fresh achievement in the arena of struggle that we will outline some of its points in this report.

1- The Security-Military wing of the regime after the people’s success in November 4th demonstrations, had realized the bitter truth of a revolutionary era in process; hence from that very date, it began a widespread, nationwide arrests of student activists and their leaders.  This suppressive action was in such broad dimensions that only during in its last week, there were over 90 arrests across country.  Also, concluding the kangaroo trials of the leftist students with heavy sentences that were meant to be held in year 2007, but was postponed for various excuses, exposed regime’s fears of a successful execution of this annual ceremony.

Unlike the beliefs and efforts of revisionists and opportunist activists, the capitalist Islamic Republic regime is very well aware that the workers’ movement will soon be overflowing out of their spontaneous and syndicalism channels in to the populist political movement against the dictatorship of the capital, exposing the class nature of the ongoing struggles to everyone, and attracting the most backward strata of the working people in to the struggle.  That was the reason that during last month, the regime escalated its asphyxiating suppression of the labor movement as well.  Among such activities, the pending sentencing of labor activists was executed.  Simultaneously, kangaroo trials of the May Day 2009 were quickly held and sentences, both in long term imprisonment and heavy cash penalties, impossible to fulfill, was handed down.  Also, by setting up the security posts directly within the factories and offices, it brought the military and security forces within the working places of the proletariat.

That was not all. The security-military wing of the regime’s actions was not limited to those mentioned.  During the last month they took some unprecedented steps in creation of an atmosphere of terror and escalation of public fear. The Courts of Injustice handed down six death sentences to the six of the people arrested during these demonstrations, and have carried out the execution in one case.  They also made direct threats to the political and human rights activists by calling their cell phones. In addition, they sent general threatening public messages through SMS and emails warning the people in general, not to take part in the demonstrations or face arrests and other security measures.

All and all, these actions exposed the degree of the fear that the Security-Military wing of the regime feels from the possible defeat in its endeavor to hold on to the political power.

Despite all these provisions and efforts not only the student movement came out in full force throughout the country to fight against the Islamic Republic, but also in Tehran and Mashad was successful in bringing out thousands of people in support of their action and in direct battle against the suppressive forces of the regime. Revolutionary people along the militant students manifested a higher level of revolutionary understanding in contrast with the preceding months through the transparency of their slogans and preparation of combative street tactics.

Hence, it can be said that the greatest achievement of the successful December 7th 2009 struggle was the manifestation of the fact that the revolutionary power of the people in struggle has escalated to the point that cannot be suppressed with any means and levels of repression.  Now, after 30 years of defensive stances, a new era of aggressive struggles has begun.

2 – The so called “Reformist Wing” of the regime, whose only desire is a bigger chunk of plundering of public wealth and natural resources for non ruling monopoly gangs they belong to, and a more suitable position in the regime’s pyramid of power for themselves, once again put its utmost might to block the process of radicalization of demands and slogans, and tried to direct the people’s struggle in canal’s more suitable to their class interests.

Two statements were made by Mir Hossein Mousavi during this month.  Both of statements were attempts to distort the reality of popular struggle’s revolutionary process and, emphasizing of saving the Islamic Republic’s autocratic system and diverting the struggles to limited interest of the non ruling monopolies and their interests under the label of “Thorough implementation of the Constitutions of the Islamic Republic”.  Content of these statements exposes the distance between his clique, aids and the writers of his statements from the values and goals of the Iranian people.  That is since, the main focus of these statements were “returning to the Khomeini era’s original principles and values” while the blunt response of the people came through their burning pictures of Khomeini’s, along with that of Khameneii and Ahmadinejad.

Amidst all these struggles the most ludicrous matter was attempts of the (ex president, Ayatollah) Hashemi Rafsanjani and his clan to regain popularity.  He, whom on the first days of people’s struggles surrendered to Khamenei’s leadership by calling for the peoples’ allegiance to the leadership of Khamenei, now, since once again the financial interest of his family and gang has faced another series of aggressions from the security – military wing of the regime, (i.e. the management of Tehran Metro System with budget plans of billions of dollars) tried to win over the people’s favors with few speeches. He fantasized that with these propaganda attempts he can once again fool the people in chanting a few slogans in his support.  His propaganda team also created rumor that Faizah Rafsanjani (his daughter,) has participated in the demonstrations and allegedly, was arrested.  But since, during these six months of struggle, the people are much more enlightened and they have realized the contradictory path of theirs with that of the non dominant trends of this regime, all these attempts were defeated.

Naturally, the so called “independent liberal theoreticians” had a part to play in the overall scheme.  This “independent liberal theoreticians” are made up of the sold out “Radical” academicians, or/and, the part of “Left” intelligentsia fascinated with capitalist values and privileges. Every day, they published articles and essays emphasizing on the “Modern Middle Class Theory” that has sent Marxism’s “Class Theory” to perdition. And that allegedly the period of revolutions has ended.  Refuting the revolutionary and social determinative role of the working class and, disseminate liberal ideological illusions by saying that the current struggles derive from the “Modern Middle Class” interest with liberal ideology and the reformist, gradual and “non violent” method of social change. They have become a serious obstacle of the peoples’ scientific education of the class struggle.  These “independent liberals” are presented as “experts of social movements and affairs” to the people by the Imperialist and the Liberal bourgeoisie Medias.  They are experts, who are not to be blamed for futility and failure of their analysis and methods when they do not match the objective class struggle. But rather, it is the “absurdity” of the real conditions and, “non classical development of society in Iran” that is to blame.

Tussling with such viewpoints is not simple and needs educational revolutionary machinery much bigger and more effective that is currently at our disposal. Yet in practice, invalidity of their analysis and solutions are proven in the experiences of the masses through direct struggle. However, the roots of these delusions will not eradicate.  So, in the real living struggle, the people will stay away from repeating the same mistakes. But, the effect of their abstract theoretical perspective still lingers in the minds of the people and acts as an obstacle to the rapid development of people’s understanding of the objective reality. This partially explains the gradual and staggering development of the people’s revolutionary consciousness. As an example, this was projected through the famous slogan of “Iranian Republic” that was a spontaneous stand of the people against “Islamic Republic”.  This, for months, became the main slogan of the demonstrations (particularly in day of Jerusalem and, on November 4th) while, in December 7th demonstration, it had not remained in use and the slogan of “Mousavi is factitious; the whole regime is the target” took its place.  However, the very clear and correct revolutionary slogan of “Down with Islamic Republic”, though has been, and still is being chanted, but has not become the dominant slogan yet.  Why? Because, the residue of the “non revolutionary method”, has abstractly, remained in the mind of the people.

3 – Such historical leaps always happen in forms of a mutation.  But their roots and causes of their occurrence must not be mixed up with the point of their manifestations.  This historical mutation was caused by the process of capitalist development and the natural crisis of such a structure that manifested itself, once again, on June the 13th 2009. This historical occurrence was at best expressed by Tehran University students through the slogan “Mousavi is factitious; the whole regime is the target”.

The leftist forces that are unable to comprehend the nature of such transformation, due to their class interests, consciously or not, have turned into obstacles of its development in to an organized revolutionary working class struggle. Parties such as “Tudeh Party of Iran” (Stalinists) that has split into two wings of supporters of the two conflicting regime wings, i.e. coup supporters and reformists, and, the “Majority of Fedaeean” (Pro American Left), have openly come out in prevention of workers’ participation in this revolutionary and anti dictatorship struggle. They instead, formed “Democracy Seeking Fronts” of intellectuals in support of the Reformists; in addition, the Opportunist deviants, who due to their backwardness and theoretical poverty are unable to understand and recognize the dialectical mutations in history, or deny the specific necessities and needs of such an era of a revolutionary trend, are among the forces that hinder the transformation of the proletariat to an organized revolutionary force, and ought to be exposed and isolated by the revolutionary forces.  These forces, through practical denial of the interest of the working class in “struggles against dictatorship”, are consciously acting as an obstacle, holding back the struggles of the working class from the fulfillment of its historical role as the leading political force of the society.  Therefore, endangering the consistency of the struggle and its possible deviation from a complete demolition of the bourgeois state machinery. Most interesting point is that the majority of these forces, by calling the class nature of these struggles as a “petty bourgeois movement” reach the same practical conclusions of the reactionary and unscientific theory of the “Modern Middle Class”. Their justifications is the denial of the fact that only the proletariat is the revolutionary class in capitalist society and open the door for the Communists’ participation in the bourgeois “Democracy Seeking” fronts in populist forms as individuals.

Their views and actions in general have also severely damaged the credibility of the revolutionary communist forces in the eyes of the public, and especially in that of the working masses. They have reduced the motivation of communists’ participation in struggles down to a fight to gain political power by any means and methods.  Whether it be the case of participation in a bourgeois coalitions, or, through self proclamation of “Representative of the Proletariat” (“communist parties”) gaining political power to impose group/party dictatorship.  For past three years we have directly and openly been engaged in a definitive ideological struggle against self proclaimed “communist parties” such as The revisionist “Tudeh Party” and “Fedaaean Majority”, plus the opportunist lines of “Communist Party of Iran”(CPI), “Communist Party of Iran – MLM”, the offspring parties of the “Worker-Communist Party” and Mansoor Hekmat’s groupies and, have exposed their counterrevolutionary lines in theory and practice. But the damages inflicted by them throughout the past three decades are to such an extent that due to  the  limitation of our resources and numbers cannot be countervailed in short time and needs to be the subject of a consistent  educational and ideological struggle in all of political, economical and philosophical spheres.

4 – As we had hoped and insisted upon in our messages and flyers for this day, the zealous people of Iran did not leave the students alone by themselves and responded positively to their call of participation in the December 7th action.  Concurrent with the students’ struggles, tens of thousands of our militant people demonstrated against the regime in streets and squares of Tehran, Mashhad and some other cities. As it is clear in the video reports from the demonstrations, the street combatants and  their slogans, including “Down with the dictator”, “Down with Khamenei” “We don’t want the Islamic Republic”, “While the leader is playing god, people of nation are begging for their life” “Hey you freedom leader! Khomeini is waiting for you (in his grave – Trans.)” were all and all invalidating the reports from reformist commentators and the western media.   Contrary to the false reports of the reformists and their western supporters media, people’s methods of street combats and their slogans, had no hints of reconciliation with any wings of the Islamic Republic regime, including the reformists. Also during the demonstrations the people pulled down and aflame any photographs or symbols of the past and current leaders of the Islamic republic, from Ahmadinejad up to Khamenei and even Khomeini (the founder of the Islamic republic) and this, in itself, was a blunt negative reply to the calls made by reformist for returning to the fundamental principles of the Founding Father’s values and the early era of the “Islamic Revolution”.

5 – One of the most important achievements of the people’s struggle, in contrariety to the past few months of demonstrations, was their preparation for direct confrontation and fighting with the repressive forces. Unlike preceding experiences, this time, it was the groups of people that would choose a spot for the confrontations. With setting fire to the garbage containers and carrying half bricks and wooden clubs, they were ready to engage with the regime’s suppressive forces, and to neutralize the regime’s attacks and their use of teargas.  In one case, somewhere near the Revolution Square a truck driver emptied his load of bricks at a corner of the street and invited the people to use them.  Then he stepped down from his truck himself, and personally began to break the bricks into halves, so they could be easily handled, and be targeted more accurately.  Other reports indicate while the security forces and Baseejis and Islamic Revolutionary Guards were concentrated at and nearby the universities, the majority of the people gathered on other locations. The heaviest concentration was reported at the Jomhoori Street. The repressive forces had not foreseen this possibility of the people’s gatherings in Jomhoori and when they were confronted with waves people there, took them more than half an hour to consolidate their forces to start raiding the crowd, using the motorcycles as “Line Breakers”.  People resisted and with stones and bricks they began confronting them and setting fire to the special guards’ motorcycles.  Many times the government forces withdrew for reorganization, leaving their motorcycles behind.  Finally, the number of government forces presence in the area became enough to push the people in the smaller streets and alleys.  But, the protesters would push back in to the main street sidewalks, chanting “down with the dictator”.  It was fascinating that the protesting people in Jomhoori Street got very close to the Leader’s residence, and started to shout “Death to Khamenei” louder than ever.  At this point, the suppressive forces began shooting warning shots above the heads of demonstrators and used massive amount of teargas. Based upon reports we have received, over 500 people were injured due to club beatings and gas suffocations. Also the forces of repression closed down all the shops and stores around Enghelab neighborhood so the people could not use them as refuge spots.  That is while a great number of businessmen of Enghelab, Azadi and North Kargar streets were seriously encouraging the people to push forward with their demonstrations.  Also the security forces completely closed down the gas station located at Vesal Shirazi Street and did not let any cars to obtain fuel form that place.  In streets of Northern Amirabad, Revolution Square, Revolution Street’s segment that is near Tehran University, 16 Azar street, Felesteen Street, Kakh Street and Valiasser crossroad the people were using the hit and run tactic.  But in Valiasser Street the repression forces were forced to start shooting plastic bullets to disperse the crowd.  All roads ending to the Revolution Square were blocked so that groups of thousands of people could not join in to an uncontrollable mass.  Tear gas was used in this area to an extent that it was hard to breath.

In Valiasser Street, higher than Vanak Square a group of thousands of people were moving toward the “Voice and Vision” (TV/Radio Headquarter of Iran).  This action has become a tradition now in these demonstrations that symbolizes the eventual act of conquering the biggest mass media covering all of the Iranian territory and neighboring countries, in addition to the satellite TV and Radio Stations in global scale.

In center of the city and within the limited area between three universities that are Tehran University, Poly-Technique and Sharif University, the revolutionary youth and people fought the regime agents with stones and wooden clubs.  And they confronted armed forces’ tear gas through lighting up fire with equal distances.  In Revolution Square a truck unloaded its bricks and encouraged people to use them.  In less than half an hour the truck was unloaded and bricks were broken and sized.  At that moment, 14:30 Tehran time, the people finally were able to join and push the Baseejis back to retreat on foot, leaving their motorcycles behind.  With a suggestion heard from a young girl who appeared to be the leader of the protesting crowd, many residence of that neighborhood opened up their doors to supply the demonstrators with food and water.

Hence, we can see that this time the people were much more prepared and organized than before. This is an indication of a rise in people’s awareness of the nature of the repressive forces and the techniques of street combat.

Also in the City of Mashhad, after widespread protests in Mellat Park, Azadi Square, University and other streets surrounding the Ferdowsi University, from 8:30 until 9 pm loud sounds of gun fire was heard. According to the witnesses, many protesters were arrested by the security forces. The sound of consistent shootings was designed by the coup supporters to terrorize the public in Mashhad city.

6 – The independence and separation of people’s struggles from the reformist leaders was quite clear from its very first days, i.e. June 13th and, especially, after June 20th, when the military was ordered to shoot in to the crowds.  At this point, the people’s resistance to submit to the orders of “non gathering” of the capitalist dictatorship regime began the revolutionary direction of the struggles with its dialectical ebbs and flows,   and is still moving forward. Many of the self proclaimed “communists” in exile, due to non presence in the real objective conditions of struggle, missed the dialectical mutation point and took the wrong positions.  Even though their initial positions can be justified by their distance from the actual battle field, but their resistance of accepting the objective conditions and the independence of these struggles from any faction of the ruling class, may no longer be counted as “mistakes”.  This position can only be explained by the blindness forced upon them as a result of their class interests. Since the reality of the independence of these struggles from any factions of the regime is so clear and obvious now, the fact of the existence of a revolutionary process is undeniable.  Therefore, the continuance in denial of the truth by the leadership of these “communist parties” and organizations in exile is nothing but the anti revolutionary stance and class position against the revolutionary forces and the proletarian class interest.  Be it,  the organizations and “Parties” that openly are in favor of reformist wing of the regime, and try to persuade the workers to support the reformists, like the “Tudeh Party” and “Majority of Fedaeean”, who are revealing their support for the monopolies of the capitalists that are not in dominant position of the political hierarchy; or, be it the organizations and parties that by declaring these struggles as the competition between the various factions of the ruling class,  and invite workers to take a pacifying  position to the anti dictatorship and political struggles, and encourage them to continue their struggles on a syndicalism line that are the signs of the petit bourgeois pacifist stand in class struggle under the current conditions; the leadership of these forces are wasting away the potentials and energies of their supporters, and are directing it towards the channels satisfying their own petit goals of gaining personal and sectarian creditability within the  bourgeoisie ranks. Towards obtaining this goal, they use all methods to keep their “fans” inline.  Since they cannot keep with a clear struggle on the ideological principles, they engage in distortion and falsification of facts, malediction and character besmirch and character assassinations, just to keep their “fans” in line and stopping them from crossing over to the revolutionary camps.

Struggles of the Students

As we had foreseen in our flyers and public messages about the December 7th action, the regime had centered their forces in front of the universities and the surrounding streets and unfortunately, in most cases in Tehran and, in all provincial cities it had managed to lock students up in their own university campuses.  In many universities and in Tehran University in particular, thousands of non student agents of the regime had been positioned in the universities to repress and, initiate phony demonstration in defense of the regime. Only in  occasions the students managed to break the gates. In Tehran and Poly-Technique Universities, students managed to finally break the gates in order to let the supporting public inside the campus to defeat the government plans of “Mutual Campaigns”! Later, the students headed to the streets to join the battles nearby. But, in most campuses the students were confined to the university campus.

Tehran (the capital city):

Radicalism was very obvious during the struggles of the students.  Many times pro reformist students tried to give their typical slogans such as, “Allah o Akbar” or, “Ya Hussein, Mir Hussein” but their voices were quickly faded away and was lost in the more radical chants of “Down with the Dictator”, “Mousavi is factitious; the whole regime is the target”, “Down with Khamenei,” “Down with the Baseeji”, “What happened to oil’s money? It was spent for Baseejis”, “We don’t want an Islamic Regime”, “We are not Koofeh’s residents to get paid for standing”, “Hey mercenary, how much did you get paid to hold the flag?”, “This year is the year of blood, dictator is going to fall”, “hey you lying Baseeji, where is your students cards?”  Also, there have been reports about direct fights between suppression forces and the students inside universities.  As usual it was when regime agents attacked and beat up students that forced them to counteract in their own style.

The radical slogans and students’ aggressiveness was common to most of Tehran’s universities.  It is noteworthy that in all universities of Tehran, including Tehran, Sharif, Amir Kabir, Khaje Naseer, South Tehran Azad Branch, Ponak Science Research Center, Roodhan Azad, “Science and Industry” and “Karaj Azad Branch” universities, we witnessed a complete coordination in these struggles with common slogans and equal level of radicalism.  What was common in all these universities was lower tendency of students to use the “Green” color, the symbol of the reformists.  In previous demonstrations lots of students had worn green clothing, stripes, head and hand bands.  But in December 7th green wearing students were seldom noticeable.  Of course as usual the reformists’ supporters tried to create the illusion that these demonstrations were for their cause.  For example, few students would carry down a very long green banner, covering one whole side of the demonstrating crowd. But those banner were held with a very few group of students.  Green wearing students were seldom seen.  If we want to evaluate the left and the right tendencies by the colors, green and red were in equal standing.  But, there were a great number of students, perhaps 90% of them, who came out without any symbolic colors.  Of course we must mention two exceptions. In Tehran University, for the first time, the red forces had openly announced their presence and had positive role in directing the slogans. The chanting of “Worker, Student, United” was among slogans of this university and several red banners had this slogan on them.  The other exception was the number of green color supporters in the Sharif University. It is noteworthy that Sharif University has traditionally been a Tudeh Party strong hold.


(News from provinces is taken from independent news resources)

In provincial cities, also the December 7th ceremony was upheld by the students.  According to news from all over the country, wherever there is a university, this day has been upheld and, in all of them the slogan “Down with the Dictator” has been their central slogans.


(Tabriz is the capital city of East Azerbaijan Province of Iran, it is the fourth largest city and has a population around 1.4 million people)

Unlike Tehran and other cities of Iran, the whole demonstration of Tabriz University students was seamlessly RED.   In Tabriz Azad University tens of students held up their red signs and chanted “Down with the Dictator”, “Don’t be afraid, we are all united” and “Zealous Students, come out in Support”. They administrated the single all red ceremony in Iran.


(Shiraz is the sixth most populous city of Iran and, it is the capital of Fars Province with a population of near 2 million)

From 12:30 pm onward students were fighting with security officers of the Shiraz University in University’s self service food center and they constantly chanted their anti-regime slogans.  According to Socialiste Emrooz Students’ report; “Today, Monday, December 7th 3 leftist and socialist students were arrested and there is no news about their current condition.  8 o’clock this morning the socialist student of Shiraz, comrade “Seyed Mohammad Mohsen Mousavi” was arrested and there is no report about his condition and whereabouts.

After lots of threats and pressure from the security forces in Shiraz and making city’s atmosphere secure, since on this morning, December 7th, after going toward the upper floor of the Moftah dorm, comrade Mohsen Mousavi has been apprehended and there is no news from him at all.  According to the report from the socialist students, the other socialist student of Shiraz, Nejma Ranjbaran was arrested along with active leftist student of Shiraz, Sobhan Heidari by the regime security forces at the Eram Square and there is not any news about their current conditions.

Today, December 7th security agents were in total alert and were walking around the university and streets of Shiraz busy searching up pedestrians and Shiraz city was in a complete security alert.


(Mashhad is the second largest city of Iran, one of the holiest cities in the Shiite world with a population of two and a half million)

On December 7th between 1200 until 1500 crowds of the students in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad were chanting the slogans “down with the dictator” and “down with Khamenei”.  Students were engaged in fighting with the Baseejis.  The gates for entering and exiting of the students were locked up until 1600 to stop the students to take their protests to the street and join forces with the people demonstrating outside the campus.


(Capital city of Hamadan Province, over half a million populations, one of the oldest cities of Iran and the world, capital city of the very old Median Empire)

A number of students were wounded when plain clothes and Baseeji forces attacked the gathering of protesting students of Abu-Ali Sina University of Hamadan.  Reports indicate that the fighting occurred in science building of this university.  It is noteworthy that the plain clothes forces threw one of the students from the higher floor to the ground next to the university; this student was transferred to the hospital for trearment. Up the identity of this student is still unknown.


(Capital city of Ilam Province, a Kurdish province with near 200,000 populations.)

In Ilam on December 7th students began their protesting from the Ilam National University with the slogans, “down with the dictator”, “down with Ahmadinejad” and, “University is not a Military Base”.  During this gathering Baseej and other regime agents attacked the students.  A number of students were arrested during these confrontations; the arrested students include Reza Rehsvandi and Hossein Kiani were taken in to custody while injured.


(Semnan is the capital city of Semnan Province in north of Iran with over 120 thousand people population.  It is 1,138 meters above the sea level and it is the regional grains and cotton market center. Textiles and Carpets are the major industries of this historical city but currently cars and bikes are produced there.)

The protesting groups of the students took shape at Semnan University’s Technical Arts College.  The students commemorated the Students Day and continued chanting their anti regime slogans until 1200 noon.


(Sanandaj is the capital city of the Kurdistan Province of Iran.  Population is over 300 thousand, majority of the people are the Kurdish Sunni Moslems but there are also Armenian, Assyrian and Jewish minority people living in Sanandaj.)

December 7th anniversary was held in the central University of Kurdistan and its branches, Azad University of Sanandaj and, Payam-e-Noor University of Sanandaj.  In central university of Sanandaj around 70 people gathered in the main amphitheater of this university in which they sang anthems and chanted slogans.  In Payam-e-Noor University 400 people gathered in the university’s amphitheater and also in Azad University of Sanandaj also 400 students gathered in its amphitheater to commemorate December 7th; they also released a statement.  On their pickets the students had written slogans in solidarity with students of all other cities of Iran such as, “Student dies, but won’t take nadir”, “Down with the dictator”, “Political Prisoner Must be Released”, “Death sentenced prisoners in Kurdistan must be freed” and “Execution sentencing should be annulled.”


(Capital city of the Gilan Province and, the largest city along the Caspian Sea coast; with over half million populations)

To confront the great demonstration of December 7th the regime had deployed Baseej force agents in all surrounding streets of the Basic Sciences College and had taken grave security measures.  As soon as the students gathered and tried to chant, Baseeji agents rushed toward the students and students and Baseeji engaged in fights.  They cuffed hands and feet of three of the students who had fought back and were thrown into a Police van and very violently were beaten with clubs; the Baseejis of Rasht on this date were truly rabid and were violently beating up the courageous people and students of this part of the country.


(Capital of Sistan and Baluchistan Province of Iran, over half a million population, near Pakistan and Afghanistan borders, most people talk Baluchi, same as some people of Pakistan and, some in Afghanistan do.)

From 4 pm students began their protests.  Some of the students sang the “Yare Dabestani” (School Companion) and read a statement. They chanted, “University is alive”, and “Student dies, but won’t take nadir,” they invited other students to join them.  According to Iran-Khabar news agency, students gathered in front of the university dining place from 5 pm and with slogans such as Allah o Akbar and, lighting up candles they continued protesting.  It is noteworthy that security agents surrounded the students with the help of university officials.  Although the officials had tried to terrorize the students by threatening their family members, the demonstration and Hunger Strike began as planned.


(Port city in Hormozgan Province on the southern coast of Iran on the Persian Gulf; this city occupies a strategic position on the narrow Straits of Hormuz between Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, base of the Iranian Navy, with near 400,000 population.)

At 1900 over 150 people joined the students at the Azad University of Bandar-Abbas.  Immediately fighting broke out with plain clothes and security agents.


(Capital city of Ghazvin province.  Its name is the way Arabs used to know the Caspian Sea, has over a third of a million populations, used to be a capital city; there is an international university in Ghazvin.)

This morning between 700 to 800 freedom seeking students gathered at Ghazvin Azad University, chanting “down with the dictator” and “Allah o Akbar”.  Also students of the Ghazvin International University also held a gathering to commemorate the December 7th occasion.


(The biggest city in Luristan Province where people speak Lurish with population over 230 thousand)

This morning the Borujerd Azad University was a scene of a protest at 11:30 am.  Students protested inside the university salon and chanted anti regime slogans. The university security force agents took away students cell phones and erased their shot films of the occasion.


(Capital city of Khuzestan Province of Iran with near 1 and a half million people population.)

Azad University of Ahwaz began their gathering in front of the Khomeini Building of that university from 12:30 pm.  Number of students was around 600, who chanted slogans such as “Allah o Akbar”, “down with the dictator” and, “What happened to oil’s money? It was spent on Baseejis”.  This rally continued until 1500 hour.  In this day’s protesting rally in the Chamran University of Ahwaz, students engaged with the Baseeji agents in a fight.  Eventually the Students of this university upon their persistence were able to hold the ceremony.


(With over 130 thousand people population it is one of the cities in Kurdistan Province of Iran.  Very ancient city of Iran with hot summers and frozen winters)

Students of Saqqez gathered for protesting.

Today, December 7th while it was announced that Saqqez Azad University would be closed to prevent any sort of protesting and demonstrating inside the universities, but, over 500 students gathered in the university’s yard and salons for protesting, while presence of security agents and officers was visible but students gathered in the university in a sit-in position and expressed their protesting to the status quo.


(A city in the heart of Markazi, i.e. Central Province of Iran with over 500,000 populations with several industries and, four universities)

Reporting time: 1500; this morning the University was very much under control; around 10 am students gathered and began chanting slogans such as “Down with the dictator” and, “Allah o Akbar.”  In their opposition a group of the Baseeji students were trying to disrupt the protest. And in a couple of instances, this attempt caused direct confrontation.  A remarkable number of agents were outside of the university as well.


(Capital city of Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Province of Iran, although literally its name stands for City of Kurds but majority of its people are not Kurds.  Over 130,000 populations, the city is traditionally a producer of bricks, mosaics, milled rice, and woven cloth, among others.)

Students of the Azad University of Shahrekord students have shown a remarkable determination.  Regardless of all the security preparation and terrorizing environment that the regime has created, they upheld the December 7th anniversary; one of the students of the Azad University of Shahrekord told Iran Khabar News Agency’s reporter that “All boards of the Azad University is full of signs and flyers with inspiring and militant content and, here there is an uproarious condition! I am pretty sure that having such passion will win over any degrees of intimidation.


(A city in Isfahan Province with over 200,000 populations; trade center for agricultural products on the region and especially noted for its pomegranates)

Students of Najafabad University rallied today with slogans such as “Down with Khamenei” and “Down with Ahmadinejad”.  The plain clothes agents and repressive forces that numbered around 300 attacked the students and beat up the protesters. But the students did not give up and resisted the intimidation until the ceremony was over.


(Capital city of the West Azerbaijan Province, over 600,000 populations, center of fertile agricultural region for fruits and tobacco.)

On December 7th in “Azad University of Urumia” and “Nazlo University of Urumia” there were protesting rallies and students chanted anti regime slogans.

This concludes our report of the ceremonies held for the commemoration of the 55th university of the Students Day in Iran.  But, definitely, the revolutionary struggle of the people is far from its conclusion point. This battle has ended, but the class war goes on.

Down with the capitalist government!

Bread, Housing, Freedom – Soviet Republic!

The communist workers of Iran


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