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Red Neda 13th Message: Summing up the November 4th action & proposal for December 7th

By • Nov 29th, 2009 • Category: Commentaries, Headline

November 4th has passed. The greatest achievement of this day was the continuation of separation of the people from the reformist leadership. With all intense propaganda of the reformists against the radicalization of people’s demands, slogans and methods of struggles, the actions of people on November 4th demonstration can only be interpreted as an outright defiance to the reformists’ directions. All groups of the people, with different slogans but solidified in the demands of downfall of Islamic Republic’s dictatorship regime. These demands were expressed through slogans such as “Death to the Dictator”, “Death to Khameneyii”, “Down with regime that deceives the people”, “Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic” and, “down with the principle of Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists” and finally, “Down with the Islamic Republic”. Also people’s attitude toward the repressive forces were too trenchant to be considered fit within the tactical “nonviolent” (Sheer Surrender) recommendation of the reformists. Our militant people showed the reformist leaders’ lack of influence to the ruling clique, and made any chance of reconciliation between the two wings of the state impossible, through the misuse of the people’s struggle. Since, Thus collusion between coup side and the reformists cannot be based upon silencing and demobilizing the people’s revolutionary struggles.
Now the reformist wing of regime has two ways to go; either it should surrender unconditionally to the coup leaders, or, lag behind the people in the revolutionary path, getting further away from the other wings. Of course, in practice, they will follow both directions. The reformist leaders that are closer to the ruling clique will join them unconditionally. But, those who are further from the centers of power will take a step towards the revolution in order to stop it from more radicalization, waiting for another window of opportunity to compromise. One of the probable acts of this trend would be trying to limit the next coming demonstration on December 7th, which is the Students Day, to the student movement and the universities. So, from this moment, through vast propaganda, we should try to elevate the December 7th demonstration from only the “Students’ Day” to the “Day of Mass Solidarity with the Student Movement.”

What tactics are suitable for December 7th?
During the last few days that have passed since November 4th, the militant forces of people have begun to sum up the events of that day and the results of their actions. One of the important issues that have been raised is the adoption of correct tactics in street combats, is that they are questioning the wisdom of concentrating the struggles in the limited and pre announced areas. Of course, as we have seen already, using such tactics only gives a good opportunity to the Islamic republic regime’s repressive forces to draw up plans of reaction and stage preparations’ maneuvers, and at last the deployment and concentration of their forces in those areas. We have already heard the news of such anti rebellion maneuvers during last week and were informed of their staging conferences anticipating the people’s creative actions and how to have them neutralized. We have to admit that the centralize organization of forces is relatively more beneficial to the repressive forces than us. And in such confrontation, they will have the upper hand.
If we anticipate how the repressive forces are deployed and how the people files are arranged on December 7th, we shall see that by using routine tactics, as always, the people will announce the time and focal points of their concentration and, the routes to be taken during the demonstration. The repressive forces will in turn, surround the major universities’ campuses and create obstructing barriers on the way of the students getting out in organized groups. As always, they will bring tens of busses and position them in the middle of streets to prevent the files of the students to conjunct with the people who are supporting them. By this procedure they will be able to confront groups of a few thousand and the scattered groups of people. In this way, they will prevent the consolidation of people ranks in ways that are impossible to control. As we saw, they were successful in doing that on November 4th and although there was millions of people in the streets, but they did not manage to bond their lines together and create cohesion amongst themselves.
In our July and August messages, we did talk about the importance of tactics that ought to be used. But, at that time, lots of struggling people still had the illusion about the reformist leadership, and perhaps they were not ready to listen to fact of the matter. So, once again in this message we try to present some points about practical “tactics” of street struggles:

1. The most important determinant factor in choosing a tactic is its being consistent with the strategy, which is the long term goal. For example, if like the reformists, our aim was forcing the Islamic republic ruling clique to give limited concessions to us, of course we would have encourage the people to get together everyday, more concentrated and pressed together in order to combat with the repressive forces. Such tactic would place the utter pressure upon the ruling regime that, in order to keep its dictatorship intact it would be willing to retreat to a limited extent.
But such a tactic is not useful for popular forces. As we saw, for around two months the reformists sent us every day to sensitive areas, such as in front of the congress, presidential offices, bazaar and etc. but, nothing came out of it for the people and not only did it not lead to democracy, but in fact, it wore out and exhausted the forces and caused sharp drops in numbers of participants.
Establishment of democracy is not a limited demand that a regime of dictatorship can ever make that much of a retreat. Democracy is a political and legal system that cannot fit at all with concentration of power in the hands of some “mafia” like gangs. Therefore, if we want to establish such system in our society, then, the replacement of a whole system of state becomes necessary. But breaking down the organization of an armed and powerful regime that has all the facilities and means of the country in its hand, is not such an easy task to achieve overnight. Hence, establishment of true democracy necessarily needs long term planning.

2. The next point is the fact that the current regime is the continuation of the totalitarian regimes, as old as the time when monarchy became constitutional and the dictatorial regimes that preceded it. It is not important that they were kingdoms and now it is a republic. What is important is the fact that such centralization and organization of a state has its roots in several hundred years of development. Roots of such a regime are not only based in organization of bureaucracy and repressive forces. But, it has also spread over our culture and traditions. Hence we have to use tactics that at some point will involve all the people of this society in this struggle. Mainly, for two reasons:

First, since involvement of the great majority of the people in revolutionary and street struggles will give them a direct experience which, only through that the people will be able to purify themselves from such historical rubbish and to acknowledge and become familiar with the decay and exhaustion of the traditional establishments and social cultures, which are implanted within their thoughts and living habits.

And second, is that essentially, political and judicial democracy is built upon the participation of social and popular organizations through which all bodies of society are united within their communities, organizations and parties. Popular governing, i.e. democracy, needs the political power of the people. And, such power can only come out of people’s consolidation.

Therefore, these points need to be considered when choosing the tactics that are to be taken. Otherwise, although we may get out a combat victoriously, but still, we have not been successful in struggle for democracy.

3. Having the above points counted into our consideration; the necessity of having a long term goal and involving almost all of the people in the struggle, our suggestion is as the following:

A – To establish “Democracy” in Iran of tomorrow, we need to destroy and annihilate the existing governing institutions and replace them with people’s institutions as the alternative governing bodies. One of the most basic and, important popular groupings that has both immediate uses in popular struggles’ development, and also, in the long run, is the guaranteeing factor of popular power, is the Neighborhood Assemblies or committees. The first feature of these Assemblies is that they potentially organize all neighborhood residents and untie and consolidate them. Of course, like any other social establishment they have to be built brick by brick and they are not complete on the first day of their appearance. These assemblies’ inception comes around among those residents of the neighborhood whom during the popular struggles become “Street Companions” of each other. They are the people that together decide to which calls of gathering they should respond, and to which part of the city they should go to, and what sort of tools they should take with them. And possibly some division of labor appears within them. Those who have access to computer and internet distribute letters and news to the whole group of the neighborhood, those who have satellite spread the satellite news to the others, somebody buys a nail, the other person brings water for drinking for everybody, the other one vinegar and the salt for masks & etc.…
But let us not forget that this combination is the fetus of neighborhood organization. With protecting and preserving this body, step by step, we help this to become more mature and take shape. These assemblies in their complete format will be covering all adult residents of the neighborhood that through their intercommunication and decision making, form the choices that resolves the problems. And since, all people are after all living in a region, through neighborhood assemblies, all residents of a country are unified and have direct hands in making decisions for their destinies; just as they did during the previous revolution (1979), that is to say, before the time when reactionary forces mesmerized people through faith and placed the neighborhood organizations under the state control through the neighborhood mosques. So, the neighborhood assemblies are the most fundamental and necessary bodies to form, since they are the focus of peoples’ power that in the future guarantee the participation of individuals in the democratic process of self determination. For this very reason, the regime agents and compromisers are afraid of the formation and expansion of neighborhood assemblies. Through their media and propaganda, they are trying to reduce them to a useless phenomenon, and to keep people away from forming them. During recent demonstrations such as in August 3rd and experience of youth struggle in Naziabad, Javanmard and Share-Ray districts, we witnessed how through cooperation between the neighborhood groups, they overcame the regime’s forces with paying the minimum costs. Up until now, we have not received a single report of people’s arrest in those neighborhoods.
Therefore forming the neighborhood connection and expansion of that is very vital. In our first message, we mentioned the benefits of neighborhood organization & their development and we exposed how in Towhid Square and Satar Khan neighborhoods on July 9th, all of the residents participated in the struggles and the whole neighborhood was barricaded and like the above mentioned neighborhoods the police did not dare to get into those alleys and those residents did whatever they wanted to do and chanted every slogan they desired without having any arrests.
But, role of these neighborhood relations and formation of neighborhood assemblies are also important for establishment of democracy as well. This means that during our revolutionary activities and development of our struggles against dictatorship and theocracy, we are, destroying the old order and structures of the Islamic Republic and, at the same time, building the new democratic system and structures as well. (Sixth message, August 4th 09)

B – As we have said, the demonstrations that are held during the morning hours in the spots that the regime is sensitive about, at the current situation, when a large part of people have not joined the struggle yet, does not help the cause of bringing in democracy. This type of action, at this time and conditions, is only to the benefit of the reformists, who want to force the regime to take a small step back due to its receiving pressure over its sensitive governmental spots. But, as we said before, small retrieval steps does not help the establishment of democracy that needs abolition of all tools and instruments of dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and establishment of a new order and structures. This is why the forces of people should have the long term struggle in mind and not to be fooled by the empty promises of the reformist, who say “When bazaar shuts down everything is finished” or, “with Ahmadinejad resignation the struggle reaches its goal.” & etc. In order to establish democracy we need involvement of the whole Iranian population in building the political system which secures the democratic rights. In our sixth message we did explain what “democracy” is and how it can be attained. We must build up people’s assemblies such as “Neighborhood Assemblies”, “syndicate organizations,” “political parties” and special interest organizations such as “Children Rights Groups”, “Equality of Women Organizations”, plus religions, ethnic groups and so forth. Through self organization we create the power bases for “Peoples’ Political and Social Actions”. As we said earlier, at such historical moment when struggling against dictatorship has created the environment and conditions for convergence amongst us all, then, we ought to grasp the opportunity and encourage ourselves and others to create and organize such assemblies. A condition for convergence has come around after 30 years, and if we do not use this opportunity, it is not clear how many more decades we must bear the humiliation and pressures of autocracy and dictatorship. In our future messages, we shall be talking about each and every one of these organizations, one by one, and elucidating their structure and their clear positions within the democratic system. We will be suggesting ways through which their creation can be initiated. But, in the previous messages we already gave an explanation about “Neighborhood Assemblies” and their structure, and now we present you a clearer proposition:
Right now people have become active in the neighborhood on two levels of struggle; first level is “Street Companions”. The second level is those neighbors whose consciousness has not reached to the level of the “Street Companions”, but, every night, they go over their rooftops and participate in “Evening Slogans.” The difference of “Street Companions” with the latter group is that the first groups of people have already become familiar with the people’s might, and are not fearful of confronting with the repressive forces anymore. But, the second groups of people are still suffering from delusion about regime’s strength and people’s powerlessness. To change this subjective status and breaking down the illusion, the Street Companions’ task is taking a step forward to the second groups, during the time when they are chanting. So, each night, we could come out to the alley and street for an hour or so, and march around the neighborhood, calling out for those people to come along. At the beginning, such an action may start with a few people, but, eventually the rest of the people are drawn towards that small group. Marching around the neighborhood will prepare them to come out to the street along the “Street Companions” when general public call has been made.

Propaganda action: Certainly the above mentioned course of action by itself is not enough. Along such acts of agitation also actions need to be taken to raise their level of political and social consciousness. The structure building activities always starts with small, but dynamic groups conducting neighborhood propaganda. Through their activities they transmit the news of struggle to everybody on daily basis. By doing so, the subject of popular struggle becomes a common topic for neighbors to discuss. By continuous discussions of such matters, they gain familiarity with each other’s way of thinking. Also, slogan writing on the walls at nights creates the feelings of collective struggle in the neighborhood. Soon after, an ordinary event, such as police brutality or raised electric bill, or any other common thing, will bring them together to take a united direct action against the regime agents and officials.
Never underestimate the effect of night flyers in escalating people’s awareness and knowledge, and complementing their emotional agony and disarray. It is through the combination of emotion and political knowledge that leads the people to a solid and lasting struggle and actions. (Seventh message, August 14th 2009)

C – Of course, from above mentioned points, one should not conclude that the call for central and nationwide demonstrations is not valuable for evolution and development of the revolutionary movement. Actually, it is through the nationwide gatherings and demonstrations that the people of neighborhoods will feel the power that generates from the unification of millions of people. Therefore, they become more confident in themselves, and eventually to the point of believing in self government. Of course, it is also a show of force and the rate of acceleration of the development of the revolutionary movement and a great show of power to the ruling officials. This show of peoples’ power also discourages the mercenary forces employed by the ruling class to the point of disintegration.
Therefore, our proposal for organizing nationwide protests, such as December 7th, is the same as what we proposed to the people on The Jerusalem Day (Ghods Day) Ceremony. In our message for that occasion we suggested:
Based upon above mentioned points, we believe that … when the regime forces have concentrated their forces on the front of the university and Revolution Street and Square, it is a suitable situation for gathering and demonstration by the people’s forces; but, not in the places and through ways announced by the reactionary and, reformist officials! We ought to focus our forces at the squares that are close to our residential neighborhood so that we will be able to confront the repressive forces of the regime at their weakest points with our maximum power and capability. We are not going to talk about how to form files of people, etc. since, within last few months the people have demonstrated their ingenious tactics and on-spot decision making capabilities. But, we also point out that these groupings of the people should not get into illusions of “Non Violent” propagandists. The “Street Companions” units must equip themselves with defensive tools. The repressive forces should not be allowed to arrest and repress our street partners without any resistance and defense. Any place that the mercenaries hooked upon a single individual or a group, immediately other groups and members should rush to help their partners through attacking the repressive agents and force them to retreat and escape.
One of the reasons that we suggest to you to get together at squares that are close to your own residential areas is the fact that the highest number of our casualties and arrests occur during the final hours of ending the demonstration, as people are getting dispersed. Whenever you notice that the people are emptying the squares, staying in the field is a mistake. You should be leaving the area as soon as possible in groups. Leave the area and retreat to your neighborhoods.” (Excerpt from the 10th message, September 17th 2009)

With hope for victory in revolutionary struggle of Iranian people,

Down with the Islamic Republic
Bread, Housing, Freedom – Soviet Republic!

Communist Workers of Iran
November 9th, 2009


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