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Communist Workers of Iran: “Our only source for support are the people!”

By • Oct 31st, 2009 • Category: Headline, News & Analysis

A “Call of the Red” Leaflet

Militant Workers! Workers’ Activists!

Once again bloody hands of capitalists and bosses came right out of the government sleeves and the security and intelligence repressive forces!

We saw in the previous week’s reports how the actions of protesting workers of Ahwaz, Shoosh, Ghazvin and Tehran faced the repressive forces of the capitalist regime. These reports were filled with violent and bloody beatings of the workers and their family members. The number of arrested workers and their supporters run to almost a hundred.

Unfortunately the news does not end up here, but also includes the conviction of workers’ activists who participated in the Laleh Park’s May Day ceremony to prison terms. For an action that due to security forces attack did not take shape in the end. The only crimes of these activists were their attempts to assemble in Laleh Park to express their trade syndicate demands in a purely peaceful fashion. By attacking that gathering, the capitalist regime exposed its malice toward workers and activist workers and, very aggressively attacked the women and men who were supporters of the working class and tens of people were repressed, apprehended and kept over forty days in the intelligence solitary confinement of Block 209 of the Evin prison.

The Question which faces us, all, is when defiant people of Iran have aimed the heart of the capitalist society during the demonstrations of millions, and each time have become more incisive than before, towards the annihilation of this system and its dictatorship regime, then how do the officials of the regime dare to attack files of the protesting workers and sadistically beat up women, children and working men?
Answer to this question must be sought within workers movements’ and its activists’ conduction. When workers and workers’ activists do not share their grief with the defiant people and not even share their common sufferings with each other, instead, take their grievances of the state repressions to the bureaus of the same capitalist state, or at the most to the organizations that world capitalism has set up to fool and misdirect them; at the times when the only reaction of workers and working activists would be limited to asking for justice from the court of oppressors themselves and activities of those institutes ends up in writing letters and showing figurative sympathy, what could be expected? Obviously, this sort of complaining and petitioning does not have effects in stone hearted, profit seeking capitalist and their regime.
If we pay a bit of attention to the capitalists and their regime’s behavior, it clearly shows that what they are truly afraid of is the direct action of the workers and people when they are united. They only see themselves obliged to respond and bring satisfaction to the workers and people, when their system and regime is under threats and their power challenged. Well all through these years what have you gained through all your letter writings and receiving statements of solidarity from “International Unions” and empty verbal condemnations coming out of the capitalist regimes that treat their own workers the same way?
Based upon the old proverb: “Hundreds of times you did bad and saw its results, what was wrong with doing well for once?” we ask you now: Years and years you have done these futile activities, did you see any positive results? Even once have you ever been able to force the capitalist to ensure your jobs or pay back your held back wages through going to bureaus and tribunes of the capitalist regimes? Can you present an example of the case when capitalists and the capitalist regime set back and retreated from their attitude due to the letter writings of the international organizations and governments?
But you sure have seen that with the smallest step taken in direction of strikes and protesting and demonstrations that enclosed bringing up our demands along the masses of people, we have frightened the capitalists and the capitalist regime to such extent that they immediately reacted. Thus, their fear is from our unity and direct action struggles! Although as long as such unity and supports occur in limited, scattered places and away from the public vision, their immediate response is brutal suppression to stop the spread of these actions, and prevent their continuation and expansion of their limited boundaries. But at the current conditions when millions of people get together for struggle and simultaneously chant out against repression and dictatorship, then the tools of repression can no longer block our path. These tools are only efficient when gangs of club beaters and anti insurgency groups and their special units are confronting a small group of ours face to face. Such means have zero efficiency in social gatherings of several hundreds of thousands or, millions of people and, they cannot stop our chanting and revolutionary actions.

Militant workers! Workers’ Activists!

Let us for the first time on November 3rd show up in organized files, with our clear demands and along and among millions of our own class and other toilers, oppressed and fighting people of our cities and along with the general slogan “Down with Dictators”, which is our common demand, bring out slogans of “Down with Capitalism”, “Bread, Housing, Freedom,” and other workers slogans along with banners and posters clearly stating our demands.

Bread, Housing, Freedom, Soviet Republic!

Communist Workers of Iran

29th of October 2009


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