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International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI) Stands in solidarity with the working class of Greece

By • Mar 1st, 2012 • Category: Headline

The working class and the ordinary people of Greece have been facing a massive onslaught by the European Union, the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Greek government and basically the entire capitalist system.

The aim is very clear: to impose one of the most draconian austerity measures ever in the history of this country and Europe; they are after all the gains and achievements of the working class in Greece, Europe and internationally. The job losses, skyrocketing unemployment, increased poverty and homelessness and attacks on wages, pensions and health care, all are simultaneously and aggressively imposed on workers and the masses.

What is happening in Greece is extremely alarming for all of us as workers in any part of the world. The resistance by workers and ordinary people of Greece has been tremendous and courageous; however, without a meaningful international solidarity and massive organizing against the austerity measures and the barbaric capitalist system all over Europe and other parts of the world, this resistance will not succeed in pushing back such offensives. We have to remind ourselves that this is not a problem of Greek workers; it is a scandal imposed by the bankrupt capitalist system and all its institutions, banks, corporations and the rich on all worker and ordinary 99 percent people who have seen their living conditions drastically deteriorated over the years.

IASWI stands in solidarity with the working class in Greece. We support progressive movements and resistances in support of the working class struggles in Greece. We have experienced massive and brutal attacks by the capitalist and repressive regime of Iran on the working class for the past thirty years. The casualties we have witnessed have been devastating; however, despite all odds the struggles have continued. We believe that the only way to everlastingly overcome this situation is through massive movement building, real class solidarity across borders and a firm and resolute stance against austerity measures, the capitalist system and all its institutions.

An injury to one is an injury to all

Long live international working class solidarity

International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI)

February 27, 2012


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