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Current Struggles of the Working Masses and Its Short-comings

By • Jul 12th, 2011 • Category: Headline

What we are seeing today, throughout the world, from Tunisia to Wisconsin, From Cairo to Madrid and Paris, From Tehran to Changchun, is the reaction of the workers to the intolerable conditions that have been forced upon them violently by world capitalism, marking a new upheaval of the proletarian mass struggle.
The uniformity seen in these struggles is yet another proof of the above mentioned cause and effect relationship between the world capitalist crises and the upheaval of the struggles of the working masses. These struggles are almost, always fueled and ignited by the unemployed youth, and later, grow to a massive participation of the working masses of all ages and strata. Their initial independence from all type of bourgeois lines and organizations is manifested by its populist forms. No classical parties or trade unions can claim leadership of these struggles. However, due to the absence of a true proletarian line, its organizations and parties, they fall in to anarchy in nature. Which, in return, due to their inabilities to form the structures necessary to gain specific results and protect its achievements, it opens the door to liberal reformists to fill this vacuum.