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Greece: The Shape of Things to Come

By • Apr 28th, 2010 • Category: News & Analysis

Source: International Communist Tendency- The Cuts Although hardly reported in our media Greek workers are resisting the austerity which the Greek and European ruling class has planned for them. This is the same ruling class which hid from the world the fact that the Greek budget deficit has been 4 times higher than publicly admitted. […]

UK: Don’t Vote – Prepare the Resistance

By • Apr 28th, 2010 • Category: News & Analysis

Source: International Communist Tendency- Our first struggles will be against the austerity policies of our elected leaders. Join us in the fight. We have a world to win. What the Politicians are Not Saying Politicians will usually say anything to get elected. The difference in this election is that that they are saying nothing to […]

Against Mass Unemployment The United Struggle of The Whole Working Class

By • Apr 28th, 2010 • Category: Commentaries

Source: International Communist Current- Despite all the talk about the recovery of the economy, the jobs have not returned, and those who still have jobs are still haunted by the threat of unemployment. The political sham Meanwhile, the ongoing political drama on Capitol Hill over the extension of unemployment benefits looks more and more like […]

Paramilitaries Attack Caravan Headed to Oaxacan Autonomous Town, 15 Wounded, 1 Disappeared

By • Apr 28th, 2010 • Category: News & Analysis

Photo From Archive Source: My Word is My Weapon – by Kristin Bricker A solidarity caravan headed to the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala, Oaxaca, was attacked on Tuesday afternoon. The caravan came under fire as it passed through La Sabana, a town controlled by UBISORT, a paramilitary organization that is allied with the […]

What are workers’ councils? (Part 1)

By • Apr 22nd, 2010 • Category: Commentaries

Why did workers’ councils emerge in 1905? Source: International Communist Current- On March 2nd 1919, at the inaugural session of the First Congress of the Communist International, Lenin argued that the “Soviet system” (that’s Russian for workers’ councils) having previously been “a Latin phrase” to the great mass of workers, had entered into everyday language […]