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North American Political Milieu: Days of Discussion Conference I & II

By • Jan 31st, 2010 • Category: Commentaries

Source:International Communist Current As reported on our website , in April 2009 Internationalism hosted a weekend-long Days of Discussion conference which brought together a number of correspondents, readers, and sympathizers from geographically dispersed parts of the US and Canada for a much needed opportunity to meet face to face (often for the first time), to […]

Public Debt Crisis: Capitalism is Heading towards New Convulsions

By • Jan 31st, 2010 • Category: News & Analysis

Source: International Communist Current- After more than two years of grim economic news, last year came to a close with cheers for the supposedly “budding” economic recovery. However, so far 2010 does not seem very promising. Presently the mass media message about the economic crisis is quite ambiguous: on the one hand we are told […]

Some thoughts on the proposed charter

By • Jan 29th, 2010 • Category: Commentaries, Headline

Source:Weekly Worker 802 Thursday January 28 2010 – Ben Lewis welcomes the initiative of Communist Workers of Iran and offers some fraternal criticisms: We welcome the political platform of the Communist Workers of Iran (CWI). We have proofed and edited the English text and are publishing it in the hope that, at a time when […]

The conception of the Party held by Cervetto and Lotta Comunista (Part 3)

By • Jan 25th, 2010 • Category: Commentaries

Source:International Communist Current From Rivoluzione Internazionale no. 146, June-September 2006. In the last two articles, which appeared in issue number 142 and number 143 , we saw how, apart from a formal mention of Lenin on the question of the party, the theoretical framework and the political practice of Cervetto and of Lotta Comunista (LC) […]

Copenhagen shows that capitalism has no solutions

By • Jan 25th, 2010 • Category: News & Analysis

Source: International Communist Current “One accord, yet discord”;[1] “Last-minute scramble to save face at climate talks”;[2] “Obama’s climate accord fails the test”[3]… the verdict of the media was unanimous: the ‘historic’ summit had ended in fiasco. In the weeks beforehand the media and politicians were full of grand phrases that the summit held the fate […]

Violence in Oaxaca Zocalo

By • Jan 24th, 2010 • Category: News & Analysis

Source: OSAG- By:Nancy Davies- Once again the government municipal inspectors accosted a group of APPO vendors in the zócalo. The APPO set up a table to collect political signatures in condemnation of the government and Ulises Ruiz Ortiz for violence against the population during the 2006 uprising. Affiliated vendors use the APPO presence as a […]

Declaration on the formation of the Provisional Workers Council in Isfahan’s Steel Company

By • Jan 22nd, 2010 • Category: Headline, News & Analysis

Isfahan’s Steel Company is and has always been one of the largest industrial complexes in Iran. Despite this, and although workers have been involved in industrial action to improve their working conditions, Iran’s Steel Company workers have never benefited from the right to form any type of trade union , workers organisation… to defend their […]

Turkey: Solidarity with Tekel workers’ resistance against government and unions!

By • Jan 21st, 2010 • Category: News & Analysis

Source: International Communist Current – We reproduce below the account of the Tekel tobacco-workers’ strike, published by the ICC’s section in Turkey.- On December 14th 2009, thousands of workers of Tekel[1] enterprises from dozens of cities in Turkey left their homes and families in order to travel to Ankara. The workers of Tekel took this […]

Turkey – Standup comedy as Marx, special

By • Jan 21st, 2010 • Category: News & Analysis

Source: Sendika.Org – performance for TEKEL workers First it started as a book. Using the distinct northern Turkish dialect, enriched with smart and witty jokes, Marx was reintroduced to readers in Turkey. The book was sold out very soon after its release. Then it became a stand up performance. Since this show opened its curtains […]

UPDATE OAXACA January 20, 2010: Political winds

By • Jan 21st, 2010 • Category: News & Analysis

Source: OSAG – By: Nancy Davies – While Juan Manuel Martinez in Ixcotel prison hollers for help, SNTE Section 22 already has him logged onto their agenda, Secretary General Chepi said on Monday at a meeting in Juchitán where a burro festival also livened the atmosphere. The problem, of course, is that the teachers also […]